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Naomi Shippen Writes

Naomi Shippen

Author Page

Thriller author, Naomi Shippen, is proud to announce her debut novel, Far From Harm, is coming out in 2023 with Kingsley Publishers. It is an intriguing, fast paced domestic suspense set in the High Country of Victoria, Australia. 
Small Street in Japan
Background Story

Stories have always been an important part of Naomi's life, but it was not until recent years that she begun writing her own. Naomi has a special fascination with mystery and suspense, and is intrigued with discovering how far ostensibly ordinary people will go when placed in extreme circumstances.

Naomi's work has been published in journals, newspapers and anthologies. In 2020, Naomi was in Japan when COVID hit, and she returned to a very different Australia. The experience of returning to a strange new landscape inspired Naomi to write a series of personal essays, and several of them are featured in the anthology, Life in the Time of Corona.


Her work has appeared in oranges journal, and she is a regular book reviewer on the Australian Book Lovers Podcast. Naomi has recently signed with Kingsley Publishers and her thriller set in the Victorian High Country of Australia will debut in 2023.

Currently, Naomi is working on a domestic suspense set in contemporary urban Melbourne.

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