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Blackbirch: The Ritual - Book Review

***This review contains spoilers***

I was privileged to be given an advance copy of the third book in this magickal series. K.M. Allan takes us back into the mystical world of our beleaguered teen protagonists, but this time, can The Ritual they are counting on save them?

Blackbirch: The Ritual starts right in the action with Max and Sarah in a disused industrial building, trying to retrieve the box that is essential to the ritual of joining Josh and Kallie’s dark halves. While they try to wrest the box to safety under very precarious conditions, Josh and Kallie do battle with their dark doppelgangers.

Blackbirch: The Ritual, is fast-paced, action-packed and is full of other-worldly intrigue and real-life secrets. Psychic visions, magickal forces and of course, the sentient Blackbirch trees, all make for a fascinating and sometimes frightening world.

Having got to know the characters in the previous books, I loved seeing the romances blossom between the two lead couples, made all the more interesting by Sarah’s feelings for Josh and her jealousy towards Kallie. Despite her affection for long-suffering boyfriend, Max, Sarah still carries a torch for Josh. Sarah is always ready to think the worst of Kallie, but Josh knows that Kallie’s heart is true.

The secondary characters provide a lot of interest, with secrets and agendas of their own. Eve’s reappearance certainly ups the ante, stirring the pot (or cauldron) as she always does. Law enforcers Brewer and Stevens make a strong appearance, as they work to solve the strange events happening in Blackbirch, and the mystery surrounding the family tragedies of both Josh and Kallie. But law enforcement is not their only concern. Both men have secrets in their past that drive their present-day actions.

I enjoyed becoming immersed in this magickal world again and going on the journey with our beloved teen protagonists, as they navigate the mysterious and often frightening world that is Blackbirch.

***Stay tuned for the cover reveal of Blackbirch: The Ritual, coming soon!****

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