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Book Review - The Tea Ladies of St Jude's Hospital

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Hilary Halliday’s life of luxury ends abruptly when her entrepreneurial husband bankrupts them thanks to some very ill-advised business deals. Hilary returns to the dilapidated family home that her eccentric sister, Nancy, never left, but her new living arrangements are far from ideal.

Throughout the chaos of losing her privileged life, Hilary maintains her position as Manageress at the hospital cafeteria where she carried out her philanthropic work for many years. The cafeteria is all she’s got left of her old life and she’s determined to hold her position and retain her last shred of power, influence, and dignity.

Hilary has trouble corralling wayward volunteers, glamourous granny, Joy and awkward teenager, Chloe. But the unlikely trio pull together when their beloved cafeteria is slated to be replace by trendy new eatery, Platter. With hard work, imagination, and the full force of Hilary’s Machiavellian powers, they band together to fight the corporate powers that be and save the grand old lady that is the Marjorie Mitchell Memorial Cafeteria.

I enjoyed the story of this David and Goliath battle where women join forces to support each other both in their personal lives and at work. I especially enjoyed the relationship between the older and younger women and seeing them grow in understanding of each other and themselves. I have loved all Joanna Nell’s novels featuring the stories of the elders in our community. If you enjoy stories filled with humour, interesting characters, and hope for the future then you are going to love The Tea Ladies of St Jude’s Hospital.

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