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How to Destroy Your Husband - Book Review

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Cassandra Edwards is about to marry the love of her life, fellow schoolteacher, Jamie. Jamie is a kind, loving, thoughtful partner and the two have a happy life together. Cassie is in the thick of planning their perfect, picture book wedding when she gets some very bad news.

When Cassie’s work colleague tells her that Jamie has been spotted kissing another woman, she embarks on a plan to destroy her future husband. She is determined to find out everything she can about Jamie’s affair, so she can use the information against him. Her covert operation has her pretending to friends and family that nothing is amiss, as she spies on her fiancé and plans her revenge.

Cassie’s mission to uncover the truth about her fiancé takes her down a rabbit hole into a dark and dangerous world of online misogyny and narcissism. Like the crazy mirrors in a side-show, Cassie’s world, and the man she thought she knew so well, are reflected back in alarming and distorted shapes. But Cassie’s not about to give up without a fight. In her quest for revenge, she risks her safety, her sanity, and the stability of a life she worked so hard to achieve.

How to Destroy Your Husband is the story of a young woman striking back at the betrayal of the man she was about to pledge her life to. Her rage-fuelled mission raises some interesting questions about the efficacy of revenge, and the far-reaching consequences for all in its orbit.

How to Destroy You Husband is a fast-paced and intriguing story that I ripped through in a matter of days. Cassie grows from being a compliant and unsuspecting victim to a strong and self-assured woman. I loved seeing how the story played out, and the ambiguity of the ending, which saw the chips falling in some very unusual ways. A gripping tale of domestic suspense, How to Destroy Your Husband, questions how well we really know the people we are closest to.

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