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Release by Lucy Chrisopher - Book Review

Living under an assumed name half a world away, former kidnap victim, Kate Stone, remains under the spell of her former captor, and the life they shared in the desert of outback Western Australia.

A decade later, Kate is outwardly very different from her sixteen-year-old self, trading her long, dark hair for a short blonde style, and cultivating a strong, hard body, in contrast to the softness of her youth. Living a reclusive existence in her London flat, Kate works from home as a travel agent, eschewing the love and friendship of those around her to wallow in memories of her time with kidnapper, Tyler MacFarlan.

Although she hates Ty for cutting her off from friends, family and a normal teenage life, Kate remains in his thrall. Years of therapy, alcohol dependence and risk-taking sexual behaviour barely take the edge off her feelings for Ty, and she creates a makeshift shrine to him, where she regularly worships.

But when Kate sees an opportunity for retribution, she dives ever deeper into her obsession, hoping that in gaining revenge, she will finally find release.

Release is an enthralling story of two people entwined by the destructive forces that ensnare them. The novel explores the notions of justice and punishment, and questions the efficacy of seeking revenge. If you enjoyed Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell, you’re going to love Release by Lucy Christopher.

Thanks to Veronica Strachan of Australian Book Lovers for an advance copy of Release in exchange for an honest review.

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