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The Eleventh Floor - Book Review

A hell ride of guilt, confusion and anguish.

A night away at a city hotel seems like just what the doctor ordered for this sleep deprived new mother, however it turns out to be anything but. The hell ride begins with drinks on a swanky, rooftop bar and ends with protagonist Gracie looking like she will lose everything she loves.

The Eleventh Floor is completely unputdownable, and I read it over two days. Kylie Orr captures Gracie’s confusion, guilt, and anguish as she stumbles through the nightmare maze and tries to preserve herself, her family and even her sanity. The twists and turns keep coming in this relentless house of mirrors, with the ripple effects of actions coming back to bite in the most unexpected and heart-stopping ways.

An intriguing, heart-racing story that raises some interesting questions about gender, relationships, and the society we live in. If you enjoyed Kylie's first novel, Someone Else's Child, you're going to love The Eleventh Floor.

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