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The Torrent - Book Review

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

It would be very easy for Detective Sergeant Kate Miles to ignore the doubts that haunt her, and rubber stamp the closed case she’s been asked to review. But Kate Miles is just not that kind of person. Compelled to find the truth about the death of local football hero, Joel Marshall, Kate follows her instincts, often at the risk of her personal safety and career.

While investigating Joel’s case, Kate is also trying to find the attacker of a young hospitality worker as well as manage the demands of her young family. Heavily pregnant and with only a week until her maternity leave, Kate races against the clock to find the answers she needs.

Kate Miles is a refreshingly real protagonist who had me on side from the start. I loved seeing this everywoman in action, showing just how extraordinary seemingly average people can be. Kate’s powers of observation are remarkable, as she gleans great insights from the smallest gestures or facial expressions of those around her. These observations are not limited to the people she is investigating, as Kate herself is often subjected to insidious forms of racial and sexual discrimination.

The Torrent is an engrossing, well-paced story with the two seemingly disparate cases coming together in an intriguing and unexpected way. Kate is a protagonist I want to hear more from, and I look forward to the next book in the series from this exciting new author.

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