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The Wrong Woman - Book Review

Former cop turned private detective, Vince Reid, returns to his hometown to investigate a car crash for the insurance company who hired him. One of the passengers is dead and one is in a coma. Local police have declared the crash the result of a tragic accident, but Reid is not so sure. His natural curiosity leads him to look into it further, but the cops he used to work alongside make it clear that his efforts are not welcome.

As Reid probes into the lives of crash victims Eshana and Oliver Stiles, he discovers more questions than answers. Although his brief is to investigate the crash for insurance purposes, he finds himself drawn into the recent disappearance of two local girls, because as he knows only too well, when young women go missing it doesn’t always end well.

The story is told in dual timelines and alternating points of view. It moves between past and present, as experienced by both detective Reid and crash victim, Eshana. We get to know Reid intimately as he goes about his often dirty and dangerous work and find out about his unhappy history in the town and why he had to leave. Eshana is equally engaging, as the newcomer who struggled to find her place in the insular small town up until the time of the crash.

There are many suspenseful moments in this story and unexpected twists and turns as long held secrets are uncovered and the characters’ true motivations are revealed. The story moves along at a cracking pace, and like all J.P. Pomare novels, is completely enthralling.

If you enjoy stories full of dark and twisty suspense, and have been captivated by J.P. Pomare’s previous work, you’re going to love The Wrong Woman.

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Naomi Shippen (Author of Life in the Time of Coronavirus) | Goodreads

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