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Whenever You're Ready - Book Review

Time reveals out true colours.

Whenever You’re Ready is the story of three elder women at their most interesting and complex. Friends since their teenage years, their relationship has seen them through joy, heartbreak, and everything in between. The three women are very different from each other, with Claire prioritising her role as caregiver, Lizzie focusing on career and Alice a committed hedonist. Their lives have taken them on different paths, until an unexpected death brings a series of revelations that will cause seismic changes to their lives, and those of everyone around them.

​Whenever You’re Ready is a quietly powerful and beautifully written novel. From the opening pages, it is captivating and moving, with its sensitively drawn characters and the difficult choices they face. The novel explores some challenging situations, and it does so with empathy and grace. Trish Bolton does not shy away from the more confronting aspects of life, and the scenes of Lizzie caring for her mother in a nursing home are particularly tender.

​A thoughtful and thought-provoking story of how the choices we make can stay with us for a lifetime, and how much life there is to be lived right up until our last moments.

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